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The Distant Light Series
A Distant Light

A single businesswoman. A perilous fresh start. Will she overcome the obstacles that litter her path, or will her journey end in disaster?

If you enjoy women’s fiction with an element of suspense and a hint of romance, along with a cast of characters who feel like friends, read A Distant Light, the first book in The Distant Light series, to find out how one decision can change your world.

A Distant Miracle

An unimaginable loss. Single parenthood. Will a young woman push through her grief for the sake of her unborn child or buckle under the weight of it all?

A Distant Miracle is the incredible second novel in The Distant Light women's fiction series. If you enjoy real-life dilemmas, second chances, and an element of mystery, you'll love Lorraine Solheim's captivating tale.

A Distant Dream

Catherine Chandler's head is spinning. A proud mother of three, two still in diapers and one in elementary school, she already has big dreams for their futures. But when her first-born's teacher calls with news that the straight-A student's grades have plummeted, she struggles to make sense of it all.

A Distant Dream is the stunning conclusion in The Distant Light women's fiction series. If you enjoy real-life conflict and a woman's desire to be there for those she loves, you'll love Lorraine Solheim's riveting tale.


The Inn at Napatree

A last wish. Unjust accusations and mounting threats. Will a young woman fight to keep her promise, or crumble in the face of danger?
Jeanne Stanton has a happy and successful life in Manhattan. But after learning her mother is terminally ill, she leaves it all behind to return home. Following the matriarch’s death, she struggles with the daunting task of how to honor her mom’s deathbed request that she keep the family home.
When a threatening letter triggers a string of events, she fears her decision to convert the home to an inn will be crushed along with her promise.
Will the perpetrator succeed in destroying her life, or will Jeanne fight to the bitter end to expose the culprit and avoid disaster?

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